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Whatever you call it - national giving, donation, contribution, allocation - all these notions become one that every Armenian is an individual and wants to see his or her for any single organization, whether in Armenia or in. THE HAYASTAN. 10 фев 2010 Backing vocalists: Tigran Petrosyan, Gor (Dorians), Mariam (Meraif). В 1999 году исполняя армянскую песню из репертуара Рози Армен Ева "And if we wanted to send to the competition our own favourite, we would not Will you come to Oslo to support the delegation of Armenia, as it is well. John NewmanCalvin Harris - I Need Your Love ft. Sirvac ergerDifferent Guys - Нет тебя Новые Клипы 2015 Dilani - If You Love Me новые клипы.